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In order to participate in the forums, you first need to register. If you have not registered with the site and you wish to post a message, click the Register link on the Navigation bar to register.

Logging In

In order to log into the site, you must be a registered user. If you have already registered with the site, simply click on the Log In link in the tool bar at the upper left hand side of the page. When you are shown the Membership home page, click on the Forum Home link to return to the Forum.

Private Forums

Most forums are open to the public for browsing. Any forums that are designated with the icon are Private forums. In order to view these forums, you must have registered with the site and you must also be logged in.

Private forums require a special permission to view and participate, so it is possible that the site admin has restricted this permission to a subclass of registered users.If you find that you cannot view a Private forum even when you are logged in, contact the site admin.

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